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Why Air Fayre

Reliable service. Reduced flight delays. Fewer meal shortages. Innovative split catering model that offers more competitive price points than traditional options.

These are just a few reasons companies turn to our airline catering company. Experience modern in-flight catering at its best – take flight with Air Fayre.

Competitive Advantages

Operational Excellence

We offer best-in-class performance thanks to our comprehensive involvement across the production, logistics, and transportation catering value chain. Paired with our purpose-built enterprise resource planning system that tracks efficiency and accuracy, airlines enjoy reliable, on-time service.

Unparalleled Quality

In our split-catering model, we outsource food production to carefully vetted suppliers. Thanks to this, we offer a variety of fresh cuisine options while strictly adhering to provided food specifications. We then transport the meals in our refrigerated trucks on an optimized delivery schedule so that food quality is never sacrificed.

Low-Cost Model

Our lean corporate structure and ability to expertly handle phases of the catering value chain result in savings that we pass on to you. With Air Fayre’s transparent pricing structure, airlines enjoy greater cost control.

Impressive Flexibility

With large holding areas, a new 105,000-square-foot facility, and an impressive number of loading docks and chilled trucks, we’re equipped to provide for all your in-flight catering needs. Thanks to our agile operations team, we quickly respond to dynamic customer requests without missing a scheduling beat.

For In-Flight Catering, Air Fayre Is There

See just how affordable our innovative model is – connect with our airline catering company today.