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Indianapolis Airline Catering

Quality In-flight catering services for cargo and commercial flights operating out of Indianapolis International Airport.

Modern and Money-Saving

From reduced flight delays and menu specialization to enhanced operational performance and competitive prices when compared to traditional airline food service providers, Air Fayre offers so many benefits.

As a full-service Indianapolis catering company, we can provide for your food production, logistics, and transportation needs. Cater a cargo or commercial flight today!

Our Split-Catering Model

Air Fayre assembles and caters the flights under a 'total chill chain.' Here are the processes for provisioning a flight accurately and on time.

Food Production

Local specialty food suppliers make and plate food for delivery to our facility. We manage the provider to ensure adherence to food safety (FDA requirements) and food specifications.

Proprietary catering supply chain software provides the supplier material and production demand requirements.


We have an end-to-end “chill chain” where we assemble the meals and pack the service trolleys. Drawers and trays are packed and loaded into carts. The carts for each flight are staged to load onto trucks.

  • Food Production

  • Assemble

  • Deliver

  • Clean

  • Replenish

Why Choose Air Fayre

Operational Excellence

Airlines can enjoy best-in-class performance while exceeding traveler expectations.

Unparalleled Quality

Speciality food suppliers mean consistent adherence to meal specifications, reduced product shortages, and strong health and safety standards.

Low-Cost Model

Our lean corporate structure and outsourced food preparation allows for extremely competitive, transparent pricing and greater cost control for each airline.

Impressive Flexibility

With a large main facility and spacious holding area, we can handle a high number of flights while quickly responding to dynamic customer and airline requests.

Our Specialties

Commercial In-Flight Catering


Cargo Crew Meal Catering


Our Indianapolis Team Is Here for You

Serving more than 80 cargo flights per day, with the capacity to assist commercial ones as well, we offer a fresh new take on the traditional way of catering flights.

As a full-service airline catering company, we have you covered from start to finish. Our Indianapolis team of experts will coordinate with local specialty food suppliers, pack the service trolleys, load them onto refrigerated trucks, and safely get them onto the aircraft. Upon flight return, we’ll get everything cleaned and sanitized, freeing you up to focus on continuing to provide outstanding cargo and commercial flights. Learn more about us and how our scalable services can grow as your needs do!

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